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Three-way communication, between Eduserv, universities and colleges and suppliers, is vital; it helps us to deliver special pricing and licence terms and conditions through Chest Agreements.

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  • Eduserv's award winning researcher

    Supported by Eduserv, our Data Platform specialist, Victoria Holt has been conducting post-graduate research into database management. When I discovered she'd won a national award for her work, I caught up with her to find out more... You’ve recently won an award from the...

  • Chest Agreement Focus Groups

    Focus Groups are an important part of the Chest Agreement communication process offering benefits to all concerned and helping to foster a sense of community. Can you fill in the missing words and phrases in the following statement? A Chest Agreement is a contract that gua...

  • Chest at the Frankfurt Book Fair

    “Guten Tag, Willkommen in der Frankfurter Buchmesse” That is what I expected to hear when I arrived at the Frankfurt Book Fair earlier this month.  But instead, I got “Good morning, welcome to Frankfurt Book Fair” No, this was not a babel fish working its ma...

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