Software Groups

Join representatives from other universites and colleges and Eduserv to;

  • Review proposals for new and renewing Chest Agreements
  • Raise any concerns with current agreements
  • Identify essential software
  • Highlight new software
  • Discuss other relevant issues

Participants have knowledge and experience of software licensing and are all volunteers; any college or university staff are welcome to take part.

Each group meets once or twice a year at different venues around the country. We encourage speakers from the academic community and suppliers to give presentations at the meetings.

Maths and Stats Software Group

Join other experts to discuss licensing of specialist Maths, Stats and analytical software and other challenges. This group was set up in April 2007. It meets twice a year. The members provide vital support in our negotiations for new and renewing agreements.

  • Licensing
  • Current Chest Agreements.
  • Suggest ideas and review proposals for new deals.

Security Software Group

Join other experts to discuss the unique challenges in licensing security software. This group met for the first time in December 2008 and now meet annually. Hear from experts in the field and discuss;

  • Licensing
  • Current Chest Agreements
  • Proposals for new deals
  • Ideas for new Chest Agreements
  • Encryption and more...

Virtualisation Group

Join other experts to discuss the unique challenges in virtualisation. This group was formed in October 2009. The members explore any licensing and deployment issues related to the virtualisation of servers and applications. Hear from experts in the field and discuss;

  • Server virtualisation
  • Application/Desktop virtualisation
  • Licensing
  • Third-party vendors' software 
  • Status of Chest Agreement negotiations
  • Cloud computing
  • Open source software
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Jenny Carroll

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I found the content of the presentations useful but also got as much benefit from conversations with other delegates and suppliers over lunch.

Matthew Flower

Consultant|IT Services|Directorate of Academic Support, University of Wolverhampton