Data solutions

Empower your organisation with a managed approach to data. Our solutions include managed storage of all different data types, a range of quality and maintenance services and business intelligence reporting to turn raw data into meaningful insight.

Better data management helps you make sense of your data, translating it into actionable insights that improve your internal and external services.

We can help with the entire data lifecycle - from planning new data architectures, to onboarding existing databases, maintenance and upgrades, right through to delivering business intelligence with advanced analytics.

We regularly work with clients in the government and public sector, so we understand their security requirements and all of our data solutions are hosted in the UK.

  • Data consultancy

    Our team of data consultants work with government and charities to help them maximise the insight and value of their data.

  • Managed database

    Operational management of SQL and NoSQL databases and big data platforms. Includes security, availability, integrity, performance, user management and incident handling.

  • Business insight

    Empower your decision-making with insight gleaned from your data. Our range of business intelligence, analytics, data extraction and reporting services help you derive real value from your data.

  • Business transformation and the role of Heads of Digital

    A manifesto for digital change in 2016

    Only a small minority of charities are making headway on the digital agenda. This report outlines our manifesto for digital change in charities - four clear messages for Heads of Digital and charities who want to make headway on this issue about what they need to do differently.

  • Guide to charity IT and digital teams working together

    How IT and marketing can work together charities report cover

    We look at how digital and IT teams can work together to successfully manage and deliver digital projects in the charity sector. We also look at roles and responsibilities, what barriers prevent charities improving the delivery of digital projects, and how these can be overcome in co-operation with IT to deliver the best results.


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